This term our students enjoyed a work place visit to product design and procurement partners – Matrix, where they met seasoned professionals to discover the skills and attributes employers within the industry require from their work force.

The Y12 students were given the opportunity to explore the array of beautifully designed gifting products sourced and created for Matrix’s clients, who are brands from industries including Retail, Airline and Health & Beauty.
Matrix employs more than 100 staff across its offices in London, Hong Kong and China. Our students had the privilege of meeting members of the London team to discover a ‘Day In The Life’ of a Create, a Supply Chain Manager, and an Executive Assistant, respectively. We were pleased to discover that the Designers use a 3D Printer to create prototypes for their clients, which our Engineering students have the skills to operate due to the industry standard equipment our students have access to at Tottenham UTC.


The students also received a very special visit from the company’s COO (Chief Operations Officer), Wendy Kent, who gave the students insight about her career path leading up to her joining Matrix. Students learnt that all staff members had a common interest, which is that they love what they do and have the opportunity to train in other areas of the business, led by recognising their personal strengths or simply a curiosity in a specific role. This has resulted in a positive and forward moving culture within the work place experienced as the students toured the building.

Work Experience was the hot topic of the day as our students were enticed by the sophisticated running of the business, launched by CEO Charlie Bradshaw, who entered the industry at the mere age of 19, when he sold an exciting nail product into high street Health & Beauty chain, Boots.

Matrix COO, Wendy Kent views work place visits as an essential initiative, in supporting students in making an informed choice about the careers they wish to pursue:

“It is essential for young people to visit a variety of companies and understand what types of roles are available and also what types of businesses exist. This experience definitely helped me decide on my career path and also helped me to understand that the right role, although challenging and difficult at times, is extremely rewarding and can enhance all areas of your life.”


Our students found the visit a very valuable experience, some of their comments on the day were:

“It was fascinating to find out that there are many positions within a business which contributes to the processes that help to achieve the main objective. Without this experience it’s easy to think that there are only a few people responsible for the achievements of a business rather than a large team of people.” TUTC Head Girl, Kezia Elongama

“Qualifications will get you through the door but passion and personality will leave a lasting impression. I’ve also realised that the best way to work out which type of role and environment suits you is to gain as much work experience as possible.” TUTC Engineering Student, Asa Eversly-John

“I’ve never had the opportunity to speak to someone of such a senior level. Wendy was really welcoming and appreciated the time and in-depth knowledge she shared with us about her role and the business.” TUTC Maths Student, Brandon Bbosa

The visit was organised by Founders4Schools, for information on their services please follow the link below:

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