What is the governance structure?

Tottenham UTC is managed and led by a Board of Governors. In common with all UTCs this board has a majority membership taken from the University and Employer sponsors. Tottenham UTC functions much like other state-funded schools and colleges.

The Chair of the Governors at Tottenham UTC is Grant Cornwell, MBE. Mr Cornwell is contactable at grant.cornwell@tottenhamhotspur.com

Please see below the full list of TUTC’s Governing Body:

William Atkinson   –   Independent

Richard Beaumont   –   Sponsor

Matthew Collecott   –   Sponsor

Grant Cornwell   –   Sponsor

Donna-Marie Cullen   –   Sponsor

Marie Henry    –   Parent

Babak Jahanbani   –   Sponsor

Mehmet Karamanoglu   –   Sponsor

Marcella MRaberty   –   Employer

Liam Brennan   –   Staff

Dawn Woodcock   –   Principal ex officio

Governors’ Pen Portraits


TUTC governing body attendance 2015-2016

TUTC governing body standards and curriculum committee attendance 2015-2016

TUTC governing body finance and general purposes committee attendance 2015-2016

TUTC governing body membership 2015 and 2016 July 2016

Good Governance In A Good School TUTC Governors’ Handbook 2016
The standards and curriculum committee consists of:

Richard Beaumont
William Atkinson
Liam Brennan
Marcella M’Raberty

TUTC Standards Committee Terms of Reference

The finance and general purposes committee consists of:

Matthew Collecott
Babak Jahanbani
Adviser David Cross

Finance and GP Terms of Reference

Full meetings


Minutes first full GB meeting September 16 2015

Minutes of the GB meeting 18 November 2015


Minutes of the GB meeting 20 January 2016

Minutes of the GB meeting March 9 2016

Minutes of the GB meeting  April 27 2016

Minutes of the GB meeting June 8 2016

Minutes of the GB meeting  June 29 2016

Minutes of the GB meeting July 20 2016


Standards and curriculum committee

Minutes Curriculum Committee January 6 2016

Minutes Curriculum Committee 15 October 2015

Minutes S and C April 13 2016

Finance and general purposes committee

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes – 09.12.15

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes 15.06.16

Finance Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes – 21.03.16

Tottenham UTC is also being supported in its development by the Department for Education and the Baker Dearing Trust.

Please click here to download the UTC Curriculum Document from the Baker Dearing Trust.

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